Plagiarism Policy

Al Irsyad: Jurnal Studi Islam admits that plagiarism is unacceptable, therefore establishing a policy stating punitive action if plagiarism is identified in an article submitted for publication in Al Irsyad: Jurnal Studi Islam.

Articles must be original, unpublished, and not pending publication elsewhere. Material taken verbally from other sources needs to be clearly identified so that it differs from the original text.

If plagiarism is identified, the Editor in Chief is responsible for reviewing the article and will approve actions according to the level of plagiarism detected, with the following guidelines:

1. Plagiarize some short sentences from other articles without citing the source. Action: The author is given a warning and a request to change the text and quote correctly.

2. Plagiarized most of the other articles without proper citation and not citing the source. Action: The submitted article was rejected for publication in Thawalib |Jurnal Kependidikan Islam and Authors may not be allowed to publish in Al Irsyad: Jurnal Studi Islam.