Author Guidelines

Instructions for writing papers in Syiar: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam published by Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Publistik Thawalib Jakarta, Indonesia. The authors are fully responsible for the content of the written manuscript and the manuscript is an unpublished article.

Title : Title of at most 16 words : Indonesian, using capital letters, Time New Roman font size 12 and in bold.

Author1, Author2 (bold)

1Department, Faculty, Institution

2Departments, Faculties, Institutions

1email, 2email

Abstract : Abstract in the form of paragraphs containing: research objectives, research methods, and results. Abstract in Indonesian and in English written using Time New Roman-12 about 175-200 words with 1 space between lines.

Keywords : 1 or more words or phrases that are important, specific, or representative for this article

Introduction : The introduction contains the background, rationale, and/or urgency of the research. References (relevant literature or research), should be included in this section.

Research methods : Contains types of research and research approaches, research locations accompanied by research subjects (for qualitative) as well as population and samples (for experimental and quantitative), research procedures (for experimental and quantitative), research instruments, data collection techniques, data analysis techniques, and data validity techniques, all of which must be described clearly. The use of formulas for quantitative research also needs to be clearly described.

Results and Discussion : The results and discussion are the core of this scientific article which is written by combining or comparing research data with theories or research results of others. The provisions of the contents of the entire scientific article are: consisting of 5,000 – 6,000 words from title to bibliography, written in Times New Roman 12 style with 1.15 cm spacing between lines, paper size using A4 (aligned right, left, top and bottom: 2.5 cm ), all foreign languages are written in italic style.

Conclusion : Conclusion is the final part of a scientific paper with the following provisions: do not repeat the main theory; repeat the results of research or writing with the following conditions: do not rewrite the existing discussion but retell the process and results in a different language. specifically grounded theory, conclusions only contain theory x to y or vice versa (uniqueness or novelty) with different language styles; add implications at the end of the conclusion.

Bibliography : Writing bibliography in the style of American Psychological Association 7th edition (it is recommended to use citation tools such as mandeley, zetero, endnote, etc.)