About the Journal

Syiar: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam P-ISSN 2808-7933, E-ISSN 2808-7941 is blind peer-reviewed, published by STAI Publisistik Thawalib Jakarta Indonesia, is a peer-reviewed open access international journal published twice in a year (June-December). Syiar: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam is a journal that provides writings for practitioners and academics to develop theories, and empirical research, and introduce new concepts in the field of communication broadcasting Islam and da'wah in a broad perspective. This journal covers the actual issues in Islamic communication studies, including the development of contemporary da'wah by utilizing media, Islamic information systems, rhetoric, literature, and government policies regarding broadcasting and information regulation. The purpose of this journal is to promote sharing of knowledge and understanding of the issues of Islamic broadcasting communication.